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First-class features provide a breath of fresh air.

The AstroPure unit delivers the highest quality and design with specific focus on safety and security


Secure Design

The sleek and secure design prevents anyone from adjusting or modifying the controls of the unit. Units feature a lock-out mode.


2-Stage High-Efficiency Filtration

With the MEGAcel I eFRM HEPA filter and our VariCel 2+ HC Filter provides outstanding performance while lowering energy consumption.


Advanced Technology

The HMI control panel and integrated PM sensors allows the user to optimize the air cleanliness level requirements at any time of day while visually seeing the reduction of particulates in the space.


Independently tested and ETL certified. AstroPure™.

Our all-new AstroPure meets strict industry performance standards. With our commitment to safety and quality, the ETL mark ensures our compliance to North American safety standards.

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Advanced HEPA Filtration

The HEPA filter features a dual layer of our eFRM membrane media commonly used in the Life Science industry for the most demanding applications. The pre-filter as standard is MERV 11. Both filters selected have the lowest resistance to airflow possible ensuring the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.


IAQ On-Demand

With easy-to-use controls, facility staff can program the system to turn on and off on a reoccurring weekly schedule, removing the hassle of daily operation and reducing energy costs. On-demand scheduling can be used to clean the air before and after use, which further improves IAQ.


Whisper-Quiet Operation

Reducing distractions and disruptions are vital in classrooms, libraries, hospital rooms, offices and other environments. The highly insulated cabinets aid in absorbing sound and vibration. At less than 55 DBA, this unit’s noise level is less than a normal conversation.

New Contamination Simulation Software

Our VisionAir IEQ application software is designed to simulate the PM level reduction impact with and without an AstroPure air purifier. This software can be applied to almost any application but is primarily focused on commercial buildings, schools, and medical clinics to mitigate risks associated with viral load. In addition to optimizing air change rates and the clean air delivery rate (CADR) the user can also see the impact of increasing filter efficiency of the supply air to further reduce contamination and improve indoor air quality.

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